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16 novembro 2016
Todo mundo por aqui sabe o quanto amo os livros de Bella Andre, e hoje tem lançamento internacional, que eu não poderia deixar de falar... mas como ainda faltam alguns livros para serem lançados aqui no Brasil (A Novo Conceito não lança mais os livros de Bella, parou no segundo livro dos Sullivans de Seattle) vou falar, postar minha resenha que postei no Goodreads (em inglês).

Este livro é o 16º da família Sullivan e o segundo sobre a parte Sullivan que vive em New York.

Since I Fell For You (New York Sullivans, #2) (The Sullivans, #16)Since I Fell For You (New York Sullivans, #2) by Bella Andre

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received the ARC for a honest review... and here it is.

Even when I know I'll love the next Bella's book, she manages to surprise me and bring me another wonderful couple.

Suzanne Sullivan lost her mother when she was a little girl, lived surrounded by brothers, cousins and a few women, fell in love with programming codes and became one of the most powerful women in the world of technology. Her intelligence is huge, as well as her charisma... but she does not believe is suffering serious risks in your professional or personal life. But her brothers Alec, Harry and Drake believe and hire a bodyguard for her.

Roman Huson is the best bodyguard that Sullivans know, he is able to protect anyone... but when his eyes meet with Suzanne's on the first day of his work, Roman realizes he won't be able to focus and make his job right. He knows his past and his life are dark and that he should not get too close to Suzanne... but it is impossible to hold close to her, he can not even stop talking about his darkest secrets to her. She is irressistible.

Despite their sad childhoods, and sad love stories of their parents, it is difficult for Suzanne and Roman resist the love that oozes from the pores of each other when they are together and when they have yet to witness one of the most beautiful weddings, one of Sullivans couples I love most.

As always want all future stories of the Sullivans, want more brothers, cousins, sons, grandsons ... I want the Sullivans never cease to grow.

Vou postar as dos livros anteriores, desde o 3º livro dos Sullivans de Seattle até o 1º de New York. Estou ansiosa para que alguma editora brasileira adquira os direitos dos livros Sullivans, e até mesmo todos os outros livros de Bella Andre. Faltam só 05 para igualar com os lançamentos em inglês.

Li em Março de 2014 - Livro 13 da família Sullivan - livro 03 Sullivans Seattle

Just To Be With You (Seattle Sullivans, #4; The Sullivans, #12)Just To Be With You by Bella Andre

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my God!!! Bella, you did this again! I fell for Ian Sullivan even when I wanted slap his face for be do stubborn, and didn't accept Tatiana true LOVE and his feelings.

Another wonderful Sullivan book. Another wonderful Sullivan man and another wonderful couple and true and great LOVE! ♥♡♥♡♥♡

Li em Maio de 2014 - Livro 13 da família Sullivan - livro 04 Sullivans Seattle

I Love How You Love Me (Seattle Sullivans, #5; The Sullivans, #13)I Love How You Love Me by Bella Andre

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love all de Sullivan's books and the family!

Dylan Sullivan is perfect and his love for Grace and Mason is so sweet and strong that I fell for him like I always fell for any Sullivan but I think Bella Andre was very quick in their love, never before I seen such a quick and instant love. Just so I don't give 5 stars (found very instant).

I loved the weddings, the children and I'm already looking forward to Adam's story.

Li em Abril de 2015 - Livro 14 da família Sullivan - livro 05 Sullivans Seattle

All I Ever Need Is You (Seattle Sullivans #6; The Sullivans #14)All I Ever Need Is You by Bella Andre

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I think Adam is the best Seattle's Sullivan, I really enjoyed the lovely and smart man.
Kerry is luck for met Adam and to know the true love in his arms.

Li em Abril de 2016 - Livro 15 da família Sullivan - livro 01 Sullivans New York

Now That I've Found You (New York Sullivans, #1; The Sullivans, #15)Now That I've Found You by Bella Andre

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bella did it again!!!! It is impossible not to fall in love with Drake Sullivan and his sweet soul and artist heart and the love of a Real Sullivan.

Drake is reclusive in his cottage in Montauk trying to win an artist's block, he needs to deliver some paints to his next exhibition and cann't paint, not even draw...

Rose Bouchard is a Star of the Realilty Shows' world and she is runnig out on an nervous breakdown after a huge post nude pictures of her (without her permission) start circulating on the internet... and she ends up reaching Moutauk, a place where she was very happy with her beloved father.

Drake always fought paint a single person, because of the trauma and the end of the artistic career of his father, Drake never wanted a muse... but since he saw Rosa suffering, crying and he wanted to comfort her, defend her and paint her.

Rosa with the help of Drake will rediscover her inner strength and a love that she never thought being able to live by herself. Drake discovers his muse and woman of his life his heart... together Rosa and Drake live a love, an instant and wonderful relationship and leads to reunion with their parents.

It is wonderful to know the US east Sullivans, children of William Sullivan, one of the brothers of Jack and Max, and they are so beautiful, talented and all good as their cousins ​​in San Francisco and Seattle.

I already want all the Love Stories of Alec, Harry and Suzanne (will be the next Sullivan book).

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