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01 novembro 2014

Estou mais uma vez participando de Blog Tour Internacional, de um livro super legal... de uma autora ainda mais.

The Redemption é o segundo livro da autora que leio e que se relaciona com The Resistance.

Release Date: Nov 3


He was everything she never wanted. Yet, she couldn’t stop thinking about him.
Soulful, amber eyes
A sex, drugs, and rock n’roll reputation
A body that beckoned for sin

Three years ago Rochelle Floros was living her dream come true… then lost it all. On the worst day of her life, the last person she expected to be there for her was a rock star and tabloid favorite. Now, she’s trying to rebuild her life after the tragedy that destroyed her fairytale. Slowly, she found herself captivated by a sexy, bad boy drummer she had known for years.

Rochelle was caught between the grief that shrouded her heart and the charismatic man that made it race. What she didn’t know is if he was being sincere or toying with her heart. The Redemption is about finding the pulse of your soul in the most unlikely places and giving love a chance to grow.

Can what she wants really be what she needs? With his rhythm and her passion, can they make music together? Or will their harmony be lost forever?

Minhas impressões (My review)

Eu recebi o ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) de ‘The Redemption’ e li super rapidinho... eu já tinha lido ‘The Resistance’ que é o primeiro livro da série sobre a Banda ‘The Resistance’ formada no primeiro livro por Johnny Outlaw (Jack Dalton), Cory e Dex... mas algo muito trágico e triste acontece e é o plot de ‘The Redemption’. I received the ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of 'The Redemption' and read super quickly ... I had read 'The Resistance' is the first book in the 'series' about the band 'The Resistance' formed in the first book by Johnny Outlaw (Jack Dalton), Cory and Dex... but something very tragic and sad happens and is the plot of 'The Redemption'. 

Rochelle e Dex se conhecem há quase 11 anos e foi ela que o levou para tocar no The Resistance, ela sempre foi aquela que tocou fundo na alma dele, mas ela era intocável, impesável de ser amada. Mas a atração começa a ficar mais forte que a culpa é a relação dos dois vai ficando mais forte e irresistível. Um amor forte que precisa ultrapassar barreiras de ambos os lados. Rochelle and Dex are known each other for almost 11 years and it was she who led him to play in The Resistance, she was always the one that touched deep in his soul, but she was untouchable, unthinkable to be loved. But the attraction starts to get stronger than blame and their relationship gets stronger and irresistible. A strong love that needs overcome barriers on both sides. 

Preciso dizer que o amor de Dex e Rochelle poderia ter sido, a meu ver, menos sofrido, um pouco menos de dores e afastamentos. Queria que Johnny e Holly tivessem aparecido um pouco mais na história. Quero mais de The Resistance e da banda e das crianças. I need to say that the love of Dex and Rochelle could have been, in my point of view, less experienced, a little less pain and sick leave. Wanted Johnny and Holly had appeared a bit more to the story. Want more of The Resistance and the band and children. 

Gostei muito da forma como a autora desenvolveu a história e a relação de Dex com Neil e DJ e o como ele vai conquistando e cativando cada pedacinho desta família linda. I enjoyed the way the author developed the story and the relationship of Dex with Neil and DJ and how he is conquering and captivating every bit of this beautiful family.

A autora

About S.L. Scott:

S.L. Scott is a former high-tech account manager with a journalism degree pursuing her passion for telling stories. She spends her days escaping into her characters and letting them lead her on their adventures.
Live music shows, harvesting jalapenos and eating homemade guacamole are her obsessions she calls hobbies.
Scott lives in the beautiful Texas hill country of Austin with her husband, two young sons, two Papillons and a bowl full of Sea Monkeys.
Her novels include Naturally, Charlie, Good Vibrations, and A Prior Engagement.

She welcomes your notes at

Não vou traduzir o trecho, porque se alguém quiser ler o livro o terá que fazer em inglês, já que ainda não chegou ao Brasil... mas a autora já tem lançamento preparado no BRasil.

Excerpt 1
I pull my hand away slowly, leaving all the feelings we were developing behind in the palm of his hand. “The timing is wrong.”“Bullshit!”Startled, I jump in my seat.Lowering his voice, he says, “That’s a cop out. I know you feel something for me. I see how you react because I also feel it when I’m around you. There’s something here and you’re just scared.”“Scared of what?”“Scared to have a life without Cory and thinking you have to justify it to others. The problem with that is that when you start justifying it, it will make you feel like your love for Cory was less. It wasn’t. It’s just different. He’s not here, Rochelle.”“Stop it. Stop talking about Cory and take me home.”“Now you want to stop talking about him?” He looks surprised. “I can’t win with you when it comes to him.” He shifts the car into drive. “This is not a competition, Dex.”Disappointment slides onto his face. “Then why is he being shoved in my face every time we make a move?”“This is one of the reasons why we won’t work. We see things very differently.”“One of the reasons? Name another because from where I sit, we fit like two puzzle pieces clicking together.”“You’re a supposed recovering addict. You have sex with anyone who offers. “That’s it. Right there. You play like you know who I am, but you don’t. That’s why the lies are so easily believed. I can tell what you’re doing. You’re giving me an out that I don’t want. You’re allowing yourself to believe the worst about me to ease your conscience, but it won’t—”“You know what? Not everything is about you and your past. You lost a band mate and friend, but I lost my soulmate!”

Para quem quiser comprar o primeiro livro:

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